Why should I list with Freelance Belize?

Freelance Belize makes marketing yourself very easy; it is as simple as creating your account and listing your service(s). We ensure that your name appears on the screen when a customer is looking for your service. Many service providers rely only on word of mouth to get their name around which may lead to a number of missed opportunities and your name not being mentioned. What if every time someone was looking for your skill or service in Belize, your name was guaranteed to come up. Regardless of the customer being a member of your community or someone living in the US who is clueless in finding the best person for their project, our site will assist them in finding the perfect worker. Our service is designed with a focus on the persons in Belize that can get the job done.

How is this different from listing my service on Facebook?

Marketing on Facebook is a tedious task for Freelance service providers in Belize. It’s all bumping your advertising post and trying to stay relevant with the hope that your name is on screen when someone is looking for your service. You can pay for sponsored ads with the hope of getting your name on many screens, but there is a chance that a bulk of your audience may not be looking for your service at that specific time. This is why for many, thinking about earning money on your own may seem difficult when it comes to marketing. We are trying to simplify this process by ensuring that customers are able to quickly find you when they are in need of your skills or services. You can still link your Facebook page from our site if you want to grow your Facebook reach in a more organic way.

What is the difference between a provider account and a customer account?

A provider account is for a freelance service provider who has a skill or service that they are willing to provide to others in exchange for money. Customers are users that come to the site to find a service or talent to help them complete a project or job and are willing to pay for said service.

Can providers create jobs?

No, providers are not able to create jobs. Providers are allowed to create services and market themselves using the page created specifically for them. When a customer creates a job in our Job Listing, providers are then allowed to bid and communicate with the customers about the requested service. You require a customer account to create a job.

Can providers review another provider?

Yes. We are aware that some providers will use the service provided by other providers on the site and will allow providers to review and rate the service of other providers.

Are providers allowed to book the services of another provider?

Yes, providers are allowed to book another provider’s service but cannot do so while logged in as a provider. You must first log out of your profile, and book the service as a guest using your email address.

You may also choose to sign up for a customer account using another email address. This will allow you to book services as a customer.

I am a freelance entrepreneur that sells items. Can I list items for sale?

Freelance Belize is designed primarily for service providers. Our main focus and design are tailored to marketing the “person” providing the service. With that said, we have created an area for merchandisers that may still support your endeavor. Sign up for your relevant category and use our service to promote yourself. You are able to use our gallery to showcase your items as well as link out to your website and social media pages. Please note that our site is not for sellers who have a single item for sale. There are other marketplaces for that. We are for the individual that is looking for a steady income from providing services.

Can I turn off the booking system?

Yes. By default, all our paid accounts will come with the booking feature enabled. If you choose not to use the booking feature as a part of operating your business, kindly turn off booking in “booking settings” in the provider portal.

$90.00 for 365 days: Is there something I am missing? Are there hidden fees?

Freelance Belize is a yearly subscription service designed for the freelance service provider. There are no commission or fees charged on the service you provide using our site. You are able to list as many services as you please on your page. If you make $100 or you make $100,000, we only ask that you continue to support us by renewing your subscription and telling your friends. We are here to support freelance service providers instead of cutting into their profits. Your success will always translate into our success.

I do not see my category listed. What should I do?

Click the following link and request to add a category (bottom of page):   https://freelancebelize.com/all-categories/

You can also feel free to reach out to us at services@freelancebelize.com. We will be happy to work with you to create a new category that will capture your service.

What does it mean to sync with Google Calendar?

As we work to support our providers with tools to ensure that they can provide the best possible service to customers, we have created a feature that will sync your booked service instantly across to your Google Calendar. This way, you can receive notifications on your phone as a reminder for upcoming appointments to ensure that you never miss a scheduled service.

Can I be listed in multiple categories?

Free accounts are allowed to be listed in one category for their service. To enable more categories, please subscribe to one of our paid plans.

I have configured the booking system. Why is the business hours still not correct?

Booking schedule is different from your business hours. Your business hours represent the hours that you are available for service. The appointment schedule represents the available times that customers can book your service. If an appointment is filled, it will no longer be available on your page for customers to book.

What happens at the expiration of my subscription?

A few days before your subscription, we will send you a reminder to subscribe again. If you choose not to, the paid features will be removed and you will be placed on our free plan.

Can a customer apply for a job?

No, customers are only allowed to list jobs and view other posted jobs. You are not allowed to bid on a job. You will have to sign up for a provider account if you want to be a part of the job bidding process.

Can I sign up for both a customer and a provider account?

Yes, you can sign up for both accounts but each account will need its own email address. Each account type allows the user to access different features depending on whether it is a provider or customer account.

I don't have a service but I am an entrepreneur that makes products. Can I still sign up?

Yes, you can sign up for a provider account. Even though our website is designed for freelancers who provide a service, you are encouraged to use our service to list your contact information and link out to your website or social media profiles where customers will be able to get a better view of your line up of products. You may not use all the features of the provider account but our platform has a place for anyone who wants to get into the job market.

I am a service provider and I want to find out more information about a job in the Job Listing. How can I do this?

There are two ways you can find answers.

You can submit a quote by clicking “Submit a Quote” on the specific job on the Job Listings page and write your questions in the comments section to initiate communication with the customer.


You can click on customer’s profile to use the private messaging system (if enabled) or get contact information and send your questions by messaging or email.

I have a business and I want to look for someone to work as my employee. Can I post my job vacancy on your website?

Yes, you can sign up for a customer account and post in our Job Listing. We want our freelance service providers to have all the opportunities to get hired.

How do I sign up for a provider account?

Click on the “Sign Up” button on the Home page which will open the Sign Up dialog box. In the Provider tab, input your information. If you do not have a company name, include your name in this section. View and accept Terms and Conditions of Freelance Belize.  Select sign up.

You can also sign up with Facebook or Google. If you choose one of these options, your information is prefilled.

After successfully signing up using either options, you should receive a confirmation email.

If you would like to sign up for a paid provider account, sign up as above. Click the upgrade button in the Provider Portal and make the request. This will initiate the process where we verify payment and add features to your account.


What are the benefits of a customer account? How do I sign up?

With a customer account, you have an entire portal of features where you will be able to view all transactions with providers. You are able to post jobs on our Job Listings page. You can also request quotes and invite specific freelancers for your job. You will be able to see the status of your jobs. Furthermore, you are able to have a Favorites list of providers at your fingertips.

Signing up is completely free and easy. You only need an email address. Click on the Sign up button on the Home page. Input your information in the Customer tab and submit. Alternatively, you can sign up using Facebook or Google. After successful completion, you will receive a confirmation email.

What should I do if I forgot my password or can't get into my account?

Click the forget password? button on the log in page.

If you have not resolved your issues and are still having problems logging in, you can also contact admin on the Contact Us page or by email at services@freelancebelize.com.

How can I see a list of all providers?

Select the Search Now button on the Home page without filling anything to filter your search.

You will see a list of all service providers starting with our featured providers at the top of the list.