Features of Freelance Belize

Banner Image on Profile Page – This is one of the most important parts of your page. It is the first image that customers will see when they view your profile. You may choose to put something that represents your brand such as your logo, or it may carry an image mixed with words to tell a story that you are trying to convey. We encourage you to test different images and layouts until you are satisfied that you have found the perfect image that supports your brand.

If you leave it blank, the site will default to our banner image.

Apply for Jobs – This feature is built with the go-getters in mind. Why wait for the customers to come to you? If you see a job posted on our Job Listings page, apply for the job by submitting your bid. This way customers will know you are interested and you can start the process to secure the job. All our plans come with this feature as we view this as one of the most important tools for the freelance service provider.

Crop Profile Image – Let’s face it, we are not all graphic designers and photo editors. Getting your picture to be the proper size for your profile picture can sometimes be tricky. We have designed a nifty little tool to make the process exceptionally easy for everyone. Upload your photo, then crop and zoom to make sure you get the perfect shot. When you are done, just click the “Submit Information” button, and you’re set.

List Contact Information – Simply put, this is the single most important feature of the site and several times, the most overlooked. How can customers reach you when they are ready to hire? We are all about supporting you to get the job. Whether customers come to the site as a guest or as a member, let them be able to reach you directly when they are ready to start the conversation. Please remember to keep your contact details current so you can secure the next job!

Link out to Social Media – Most freelance service providers already have accounts or business pages on Facebook and other social media platforms. The difficult task has always been to figure out how to get more people to view your page and increase your following. Freelance Belize allows you to connect your page to all major platforms. In some cases, social media can further support you so that customers can see why you are the best for the job.

Link to Website – For many, Freelance Belize will be the only webpage you need to connect with customers and make the sale. For others, having their own website that is specifically designed for their service may be the way. Whichever works best for you, we are here to facilitate customers finding you and your service. Provide your link and see your website traffic increase with customers looking to hire you for the job.

Downloadable Documents – Freelance Belize is all about providing the service providers in Belize with all the tools to support their business. D0 you have forms, brochure or manuals that you need to share with your customers before they book your service? We allow all our service providers to upload documents from the provider portal that customers will be able to access when they visit your page.

Embed YouTube Videos – Now we are getting into the bigger features. This is where you separate yourself from the competition. Create commercials, tutorials, or explainer videos to advertise your services and show customers why you are the best for the job. Freelance Belize allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo by simply copying your link into your Provider portal. Your videos will be displayed to all customers that visit your page.

Gallery – A picture is worth a thousand words, so how about 20 pictures? The picture gallery is carefully placed at the top of the page, since in most cases, this is all that is needed to convince a customer that you are right for the job. Whether you are a photographer, a model or a landscape designer, pictures will show customers what you are capable of. Change your pictures as often as you like and arrange them in the way that best tells your story.

Categories – If you want customers to find you easily when they need your service(s), then it is important for you to be in the right category. Some providers will provide multiple services that may stretch across many categories. For this reason, our Gold Plan was designed to allow a provider to be listed in up to 5 categories. This way if customers are looking in any of your categories, you will be listed as a potential provider for the job. Also, the categories are paired with our Job Alerts feature that will send you a notification if a job is created in our job listings for any of the categories you have chosen.

Job Alerts – While some customers will look through the listing of providers to find the perfect person for the job, there are some that will take the other approach. Customers are able to create a job outlining exactly what they are looking for and select the category of providers that they want to notify of the job. Providers with paid plans will be able to take advantage of this feature. Every new job that is listed in your category will send you an email notification if you would like. You are then quickly able to see the job and reach out to the customer. You will also be able to set up custom notifications based on other fields such as jobs locations and keywords.

Sync with Google Calendar – It’s all about time management and making sure you are able to deliver the service to your customers on time. Directly in the provider portal, you will be able to connect our booking system to your google calendar to set all your appointments where you need them most. Google calendar will notify you of upcoming appointments on your phone so you can keep track of all your bookings as you deliver your service to your customers.

*Google calendar sync sets appointment reminders in your calendar which will not show a full representation of all your bookings. For the most accurate representation of all your bookings, we always recommend that providers log into their portal to review full details.

Private Message System – Provide the ultimate communication tool to your customers.  This system is a platform built directly into your page that gives them the ability to message you directly. Our private messaging tools give customers and providers the ability to upload files to each other to facilitate dialogue towards getting the job. At this time, private messaging is only available in our paid plans.