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7550 Madam Liz Avenue, Belize City, Belize
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4 Horsemen AC, Refrigeration & Electrical

4 Horsemen is pleased to offer AC/Refrigeration and Electrical services to support clients in achieving their goals. We are certified and licensed in both fields and have been serving our customers for over 15 years. We work full time, on weekends and even holidays. We can provide installation, repair and maintenance among other services. A full description of both services can be found by clicking on the services below.

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7550 Madam Liz Avenue, Belize City, Belize
Tel: 6328375
Mob: 6132831
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Jun 24 2004
    Received from Institute for Technical & Vocational Education & Training

    • Read blueprints and technical diagrams

    • Install and maintain wiring, control and lighting system

    • Inspect electrical component such as transformers and circuit breakers

    • Install service entrance

    • Identify electrical problems with a variety of testing devices

    • Repair or replace wiring, equipment or fixtures using hand and power tools

    • Follow state and local building regulations based on National Electrical Code

    • Direct and train workers to install, maintain or repair electrical wiring or equipment

    • Inspect electrical project work for quality control and assurance

    • Assemble electrical system or prototypes using hand tools or measuring instruments

    • Build, calibrate, maintain, troubleshoot or repair electrical instrument or testing equipment

    • Identify solution to onsite technical design problems involving electrical system equipment

    • Testing existing wiring for safety and quality control

    • Updating older electrical system to meet the current codes and safety regulations required by Belize

    • Install solar power system equipment

    • Install and service water high pressure pump

    • Install, service and repair generators

    • Install new Refrigeration System

    • Repair and Upgrade Refrigeration System

    • Maintain Existing Refrigeration System

    • Oversee installation

    • Troubleshoot and repair HVAC/R equipment

    • Apply local HVAC codes in a practical manner on each job

    • Understand the operation of commercial and residential refrigeration system

    • Diagnose malfunction and defects in equipment

    • Read blue prints and electrical and electronic schematics

    • Grasp electrical and plumbing concepts

    • Operate tools, gauges and other testing equipment for refrigeration system

    • Install electrical components and wiring

    • Recommend maintenance to improve system performance

    • Keep records of work performed

    • Discuss system malfunctions with customers

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